Ethics and Charity

It is a tragic fact of life that many dogs are not lucky enough to be part of a loving family and be pampered accordingly. It is for this reason that we will be donating 10% of our profits to Chained Dog Awareness in New Zealand.


A little about Chained Dog Awareness:

"We are dedicated volunteers who provide immediate support and rescue to neglected and abused dogs permanently chained in New Zealand. Since 2001, Chained Dog Awareness has continued to help abused and neglected dogs in New Zealand and worked to free them from a life on a chain. We have successfully rescued and rehomed hundreds of dogs and exposed their plight to the public".

What is a Chained Dog?

Chained dogs are neglected or abused dogs or puppies, that are permanently chained, for life. Typically this means the dog is:

• rarely provided water
• unlikely to have suitable shelter
• inadequately fed proper food
• infested with fleas or worms
• unregistered nor microchipped or de-sexed
• timid around people due to limited human interaction
• never exercised, groomed or bathed

Every purchase you make will contribute to the well-being of a wee pooch. Every cent helps.