Our Tale

It all started with Nem, an adorable Tibetan Spaniel who was Louise’s fur baby.

Sadly, Nem suffered from sensitive skin. Louise tried a whole range of shampoos but nothing really healed and soothed Nem so she asked her daughter Sarah, a Skincare Formulation Chemist, if she could help. Sarah created a gentle yet effective product for Nem. She used high-quality, human grade ingredients and an elegant, powdery fragrance to complement Nem’s natural doggy musk.

The shampoo resolved Nem’s skin problems and left his fur exceptionally clean, silky soft and delicately fragranced.

Friends and family were given bottles of Sarah’s creation and they all loved how it gently cleansed and nourished their pooch’s fur and skin. Their enthusiasm encouraged Louise and Sarah to establish Pampered Pooch to help other pooch parents love and nurture their fur babies.

Louise went on to train as a dog groomer to better understand the grooming needs of each dog breed and Sarah's friend Rebecca, who had a background in pet nutrition, joined Pampered Pooch soon after.

From Nem’s original sensitive shampoo, Pampered Pooch grew into a variety of shampoos, conditioners and refreshing spritzes - all created with an abundance of natural extracts and no nasty chemicals.

Then in response to customer requests, the grooming range was extended into a collection of functional products designed to help protect and soothe pooches.




Create gentle yet effective products that help pooch parents love and nurture their fur babies.


All Pampered Pooch products have been carefully designed to help improve the lives and wellbeing of pooches. We don't conduct animal testing and when developing a new product, Sarah tests it on herself before adjusting the pH level and pampering her own pooches, Lilly and Poppy.



We use only premium, human-grade ingredients and an abundance of natural extracts.



We believe in giving back to the community so, right from the start, have donated 10% of profits to dog welfare organisations. It is a tragic fact of life that many pooches are not lucky enough to be part of a loving family which is why we currently donate to Chained Dog Awareness New Zealand.


At Pampered Pooch we feel extremely lucky to meet so many wonderful pooches and pooch parents. And we love nothing more than receiving stories and photos of pooches who have been pampered with our products.